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5 Ways to Save a Small Fortune

5 Ways to Save a Small Fortune

You might not be a super-scrimper by nature, but when you’re running a business there are plenty of ways to save money on overheads – starting with your office space.

The recession. One minute it’s on, then it’s off again. It’s a bit like a celebrity relationship, only unfortunately it impacts a lot more people. Businesses are focused on saving money now more than ever before, so it’s natural that finding ways to cut overheads is top of the agenda for most business owners.

Serviced office space is a great way to save money in more ways than one. You donΓÇÖt just get office space; you get a whole caboodle of value-added services on top, like business support, networking opportunities, meeting space, call handling and more. Here at we can help businesses to find the right office and we can also negotiate a rate on your behalf. Our service is free, by the way (how’s that for added value?)

Recently we came across a great article by Andy Yates, he’s the director of, Europe’s largest money-saving site for businesses. Andy is full of good ideas so, armed with some of his good business sense and our workspace know-how, we’ve whittled down our top five ways to save a (small) fortune for start-ups and growing businesses.

1) Choose Workspace Wisely

An office in Mayfair would be nice, but do you really need it right now? Similarly do you really need a private office for six when the business is run by just you, and occasionally your mum? The beauty with business centres is that there’s almost always room to expand. You could start out in a small office or a shared campus-style space, and plan to upscale in a few months’ time. Business centres also offer a huge range of other valuable services including business support, networking opportunities, flexible contracts and short-term rental agreements – perfect for growing businesses.

2) Outsource

Thanks to work-anywhere technology, you can now outsource a vast majority of your work to freelancers and part-time staff. You can hire freelancers in a vast range of markets from marketing and social media management to payroll and financial advice. It’s worth noting that many business centres offer virtual reception services such as call answering and handling along with ad-hoc administrative support, so you can outsource to them too.

3) Network Locally

You don’t need to travel across the country to network. There are now scores of organised networking and business events, some free, others available for a small donation or membership rate.. Plus, business centres themselves offer natural networking opportunities. With dozens of businesses located within the same building, many of which share the same communal facilities and lounge areas, it doesn’t take long to find new business opportunities.

4) Meet & Greet

To start with, it can be cost-effective to meet clients in a coffee shop. But once your business grows, swap the noisy clutter of coffee cups and background chatter for a more presentable meeting room or business lounge. Serviced office centres regularly rent out meeting rooms and can offer additional services like refreshments and videoconferencing too. They’re cost effective and can help present a more professional image of your business.

5) Get Web Wise

The ONS recently reported that a shocking 21% of small businesses don’t have a website, while the FSB puts the figure closer to 25%. Does it matter? Well, a recent O2 poll discovered that a quarter of respondents wouldn’t use a business if it didn’t have a website, with small firms losing out on an estimated ┬ú13 billion in missed sales. It’s easier than ever before to build a website – you can even do it yourself!

What are your top money-saving tips and tricks? Share your super-scrimping secrets in the comment box below.

Image by Nino Barbeiri via Wikimedia

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