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5 Signs ItΓÇÖs Time to Move On from Coworking

5 Signs ItΓÇÖs Time to Move On from Coworking

DonΓÇÖt get us wrong, coworking is great. But for many businesses, there comes a point when itΓÇÖs time to acknowledge that youΓÇÖre ready to move on. So do you know the signs?

Cowkring Problems - Making Calls

1. YouΓÇÖre spending half your day away from the desk making phone calls

When you started out, you really didnΓÇÖt realise how many calls youΓÇÖd be making every day. Now, youΓÇÖre spending most of your coworking days standing outside ΓÇô or, if youΓÇÖre really lucky, in a designated phone booth ΓÇô just so that you can talk to suppliers, partners and customers without disrupting your fellow coworkers.

How much value are you really getting from that desk you pay to rent?

2. YouΓÇÖre spending half your day away from the desk ΓÇ£socialisingΓÇ¥

Admittedly, you joined a coworking space precisely so that you could spend time with other businesses, but now itΓÇÖs getting out of hand. ΓÇ£NetworkingΓÇ¥ has become ΓÇ£not workingΓÇ¥ and your productivity has taken a nosedive.

If you’re the type who’s easily distracted and finds it hard to resist the opportunity for a tea break, game of Ping-Pong or a little office chit-chat… well, maybe coworking isn’t your best option.

Perhaps itΓÇÖs time to be honest with yourself and admit that coworking is probably doing a lot more for your social life than your business. A private office on the other hand will give you a professional working environment without the distractions. You can always get your coworkersΓÇÖ numbers and meet them in the pub after work.

3. Your coworkersΓÇÖ choice in music is slowly driving you crazy

When you said you wanted a bit of “background buzz” you didn’t mean it literally. But here you are, and you can hear every little tinny tick of sound* coming from the desk next to you… (Incidentally, thanks to their state-of-the-art headphones, they can’t hear you when you ask them to turn it down).

Of course, you could get headphones of your own ΓÇô but doesnΓÇÖt that defeat the object of working alongside other people?

(*They might look cool, but theyΓÇÖre probably listening to Adele.)

4. You feel awkward inviting clients

If client visits start with “Excuse the mess/noise/lack of privacy…” then it’s time to reconsider your office arrangements.

That campus vibe might be cool but it really restricts your ability to have a private conversation with an important client. If, of course, you can make yourselves heard over the chatter of coworkers.

Hiring a meeting room is the logical short-term solution, but it can work out as a costly long-term fix.

Oh, if only you had your very own office ΓÇô with a door.

5. YouΓÇÖre taking on a team

Coworking is cool for solopreneurs in need of company but once youΓÇÖre ready to take on a team of your own, well needless to say you wonΓÇÖt be lonely anymore.

WhatΓÇÖs more, while coworking is great, it does limit private discussions with colleagues. Not to mention the glares you’ll be getting from other coworkers if your all-team briefings are disrupting everyone else.

Do you really want to be tracking down an empty breakout space or booking out a meeting room every time you want to chat about a confidential project or discuss employee development?

Is it time you moved on from your coworking space? Our friendly team can help you re-evaluate your options and find the right office for your business. Speak to us today on 020 3053 3886.


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