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5 of Europe’s Most Futuristic Business Centres

5 of Europe’s Most Futuristic Business Centres

Did you know you can find business centres in some of the worldΓÇÖs most striking and iconic buildings? We round up five of EuropeΓÇÖs most futuristic business centres.

Am Flughafen Frankfurt Futuristic Business Centre

1. Frankfurt, Germany

With the headlines being dominated by buildings like the Shard and the Walkie-Talkie, you could be forgiven for thinking that contemporary office buildings are all about high-rise designs. Not so, as this dramatic structure (pictured top) shows.

Completed in 2010, itΓÇÖs the landmark building for Airport City Frankfurt and has been likened to a submarine on account of its unusual shape ΓÇô although we think it looks a bit like a high-speed train in motion.

The huge building has five atriums and can accommodate 7,000 office workers across its many facilities, which include a business centre and conferencing space. It was built on top of a railway station ΓÇô no mean feat considering that the finished building weighs 350,000 tonnes.

2. London, UK

Futuristic Offices in Bank London

This love-it-or-hate-it building has always divided opinion. There’s no two ways about it; the colourful, postmodern design is a statement-maker. We like it: in particular because it proves that futuristic doesn’t have to mean white and minimalist.

Futuristic Offices in London - Lobby

ThereΓÇÖs something slightly sci-fi about this foyer which looks like a vision of the future dreamed up in the 1960s. (It was actually built in the 1990s.) Which will you choose ΓÇô the red lift or the yellow lift?┬á (See the business centre – complete with video tour – here.)

3. Birmingham, UK

Futuristic business centre Birmingham

Birmingham might not be the first place that springs to mind when someone says ΓÇ£futuristicΓÇ¥ but this business centre is setting new standards for office space in the city ΓÇô and helping it to shake off its 1960s retro image.

Futuristic offices in Birmingham, UK

It’s got some serious eco-credentials too. Outside the building stands Europe’s largest living wall: at 220 metres in length, it’s covered with 604 square metres of plants.

contemporary atrium Birmingham serviced offices

Inside the building, we love the atrium too…

4. Frankfurt, Germany (Part Two)

Futuristic Serviced Offices in Frankfurt

Frankfurt could well be the capital city of futuristic office buildings ΓÇô in Europe, at least. In contrast to the submarine-style building pictured top, this business centre is all about its futuristic interior design. Glistening chrome and glass set off architectural features like the spiral staircase swirling up through the reception area. It also has one of the cleanest, most minimalist interiors weΓÇÖve ever seen.

5. Paris, France

Grande Arche Business Centre Paris

It might be twenty-five years old this year, but La Grande Arche is still as startling futuristic today as it was back in 1989. Designed as a contemporary version of the Arc de Triomphe, this incredible, sculptural form dominates La Défense business district.

And yes, the offices are inside the arch itself. Pretty impressive.

Over to you: which is your favourite futuristic building? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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