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5.7 Million Workers Allergic to the Office

5.7 Million Workers Allergic to the Office

You might have heard a lot of excuses in your time, but could it be true that some workers are actually allergic to their office work?

Apparently it could, according to a new survey conducted by Allergy UK, which has found that at least 5.7 million office staff are suffering in the workplace – potentially as a result of the office environment.

Of over 1,000 office workers surveyed, 42% took time off in the last year due to aggravated allergies ΓÇô and 27% found their symptoms worse when in the office.

At some point, 95% of respondents had suffered from nasal problems, eye conditions, dry throats, breathing difficulties, lethargy, headaches and/or skin irritations in the office.

Most respondents reported headaches as the main factor of discomfort in the office, but 62% experienced itchy or watery eyes and 27% had trouble breathing at work in the last 12 months.

So whatΓÇÖs causing all these allergic reactions?

Assuming itΓÇÖs not an aversion to the act of working, a number of environmental elements have been blamed for workersΓÇÖ streaming eyes and sniffly noses:

ΓÇó 90% work in offices with carpet, potentially harbouring mould and dust mites.

ΓÇó 85% work in offices with poor ventilation, trapping and circulating allergens.

ΓÇó 61% work close to another person, who can carry pet hair, dust or pollen.

ΓÇó 54% work in offices with books which, when disturbed, can release dust into the air.

ΓÇó 39% of workers sit near a printer, which aggravates some breathing problems.

ΓÇó 38% work in an office with plants, which can hold pollen and mould.

Do you sometimes feel allergic to your working environment? Have you taken time off to relieve your symptoms? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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