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4 Ways to Get that Back to School Feeling in the Office

4 Ways to Get that Back to School Feeling in the Office

AutumnΓÇÖs finally here and that back to school feeling is in the air ΓÇô at least if youΓÇÖre a student or teacher. For the rest of us itΓÇÖs back to the same old office. We take a look at four ways you can get that back to school feeling in the office.

1. Stock up on stationery

Everyone remembers that first day back at school after the summer holidays… new shoes, freshly ironed shirts, shiny new stationery.

Want to recapture that feeling? Time to treat yourself to some new desk goodies. Crisp new notebooks, new pens… feel free to be as luxurious or as silly as you want. Now to do your best handwriting…

2. Get a uniform

Not literally, of course. But nowΓÇÖs a great time to sharpen up your work wardrobe with some new ΓÇô and probably warmer ΓÇô clothes.

Even if you work in a dressed-down workplace, adding the odd bit of tailoring to your wardrobe could make you walk taller and give you a professional boost. Give it a try.

3. Learn something new

What better way to harness that back to school feeling than to actually go back to school? Whether itΓÇÖs advanced Excel or project management skills, make it your mission to learn something new this Autumn.

If your company offers in-house training, now could be the time to get your name on the list for the next course.

4. Make new friends

Remember that first day at secondary school, college or even uni when you didnΓÇÖt know anyone? Maybe itΓÇÖs time to recapture that moment in the office. No, not the first day nerves ΓÇô but that eagerness to get talking to someone new.

Chances are, if you work with more than a dozen people, thereΓÇÖs someone who you donΓÇÖt often get to speak to. So imagine youΓÇÖre back at your first day at school and make an effort to chat to that person this month. You might make yourself a valuable new contact ΓÇô and maybe a new office friend too.

What lessons from your school days would you like to see in action in the office?

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