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4 Reasons To Get Excited About GoogleΓÇÖs New HQ

4 Reasons To Get Excited About GoogleΓÇÖs New HQ

Work might not have started just yet, but now that approval has been granted, here are five reasons to get excited about GoogleΓÇÖs new KingΓÇÖs Cross HQ.

1. ItΓÇÖs got a rooftop running track

Yes, when GoogleΓÇÖs London employees want to get fit and clear their heads, theyΓÇÖll be able to head up to the roof for a lunchtime jog.

WeΓÇÖre predicting this could become a big trend for office buildings, particularly in London where other big corporates will look to keep up with the perks on offer at Google.

But that’s not all – the rooftop of the building will also have a swimming pool, two cafés and a selection of other recreational space. We could well imagine Googlers spending more time up here than in the offices…

2. More seriously cool office inspiration

… Except that Google are geniuses when it comes to creating fun and enticing office space, as their many offices around the world have demonstrated. So we know we won’t be alone in looking forward to what their new office designs will bring. Wonder how they’ll work the London theme this time round?

3. Groundscraper greatness?

Although it will actually stand between seven and ten floors high, the Google ΓÇ£groundscraperΓÇ¥ will incorporate almost a million square feet of space.

As an alternative to the skyscraper offices which have been dominating London office news, the AHMM-designed groundscraper is an ambitious option. Will it start a new trend? ItΓÇÖs too soon to tell, but developers looking for an alternative to the challenges of sky-high space may well consider this example.

4. Huge boost for KingΓÇÖs Cross

The go-ahead for GoogleΓÇÖs HQ is the icing on the cake for the ongoing KingΓÇÖs Cross regeneration plans ΓÇô especially as this means Google can now progress to the next stage without delay.

After all, while many developments are already underway in KingΓÇÖs Cross, having Google in the area will be the biggest boost of all.

Will the approval stimulate more interest in this area of Central London? WeΓÇÖll certainly be keeping a lookout for whoΓÇÖs moving in or developing here next.

What do you think? Is GoogleΓÇÖs new HQ good news for London? And would you like to work there?

Image by Robert Scoble via Flickr.

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Author: | September 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

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