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4 Crazy Office Inventions That Could Actually Work

4 Crazy Office Inventions That Could Actually Work

From a lie-detecting business suit to a robotic ΓÇ£youΓÇ¥, we take a look at four crazy office inventions that could actually work. Which ones will you be adding to your wishlist?

Robots allow office workers to be in two places at once

Remote working is great for work-life balance, but working in the office is good for team building. What to do? Fortunately for us, it appears that robots have the answer.

What we need is a remote presence ΓÇô a virtual you to zoom around the real office, while you sit in the comfort of your home. One such device (Beam Remote Presence) is already available and allows users to manoeuvre their virtual presence around the office, sit in meetings and collaborate on team work. But it does look pretty strange.

A more human-looking virtual presence is currently under development in Europe. Known as ΓÇ£haptic robotsΓÇ¥ they can even collect sensory data, such as the feeling of a handshake. Its inventors say that it may even be possible to project an image of the operatorΓÇÖs face onto the model.

Power napping pillow

Wouldn’t it be great to get fifteen minutes shut-eye at lunch and return bright-eyed for an afternoon’s work? But where can a worn-out worker go for a power nap? The busy office is hardly a great snoozing environment… well, not unless you have an ostrich pillow (see image, top), that is.

Part pillow, part sound-muffler, simply pull on the ostrich pillow and doze at your desk. You might get a few funny looks from co-workers, but you wonΓÇÖt be able to see them, so who cares?

Walk while you work

If weΓÇÖve heard it once, weΓÇÖve heard it a thousand times: office workers spend too much time at their desks. Until now, that seemed an unavoidable situation. Not anymore ΓÇô treadmill desks allow workers to walk and work at the same time, transforming workstations into workout stations.

WeΓÇÖre not sure if you have to keep walking all day ΓÇô rows of sweaty workers come five oΓÇÖclock doesnΓÇÖt sound very appealing though.

The suit that knows when you lie

ΓÇ£TransparencyΓÇ¥ might be a bit of a modern business buzzword, but now a team of inventors have found a way to put those ΓÇ£transparencyΓÇ¥ claims to the test ΓÇô with a lie-detecting business suit.

The fabric uses sensors to monitor the wearer for signals that they are fibbing ΓÇô becoming gradually transparent when it detects any untruths. Would you volunteer to wear it?

How many of these inventions will become a fixture in the office? Tell us what you think below.

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Author: | May 17, 2013 | 1 Comment

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