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2000th Centre for Regus Reflects Rising Popularity of Flexible Offices

2000th Centre for Regus Reflects Rising Popularity of Flexible Offices

Serviced office provider Regus has launched its 2000th business centre worldwide, as businesses become increasingly savvy to the benefits of flexible workspace.

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Last year, the company welcomed its 1500th business centre to the group; now the company has passed the 2k mark – and we’re not even halfway through the year.  Regus’s confidence in the market reflects the increasing interest in flexible space from businesses.

The company recently conducted a survey which revealed that 34% of global businesses are looking to ditch their permanent space.

This reflects expert opinions within the flexible workspace industry which have suggested that more businesses ΓÇô and particularly larger businesses ΓÇô are turning to serviced office space.

As officebrokerΓÇÖs CEO Chris Meredith explained in our predictions piece at the end of 2013: ΓÇ£The recession brought positive attention to some of the key benefits of serviced offices to major organisations across the UK and it would seem that these organisations have identified that these benefits still remain now the country is coming out of recession. This, combined with the increased interest from international companies, is seeing the serviced office market go from strength to strength.ΓÇ¥

Rapid expansion and innovation

Encouraged by this shift in the way we work ΓÇô and in companiesΓÇÖ changing relationships with their offices ΓÇô Regus has been on a rapid expansion drive in recent years. Indeed, the sheer size of the company enables it to innovate, experiment and take risks with its product offering.

In the UK, this year will see the roll out of Regus Connect ΓÇô the companyΓÇÖs new concept in coworking. Ten new coworking spaces will open within major cities, the locations being decided by an online poll.

Then there are the more futuristic projects, such as the concept for a self-driving car which would allow business people to work en route to the office or a meeting. While itΓÇÖs set to remain a concept for now, this project shows us the time, money and expertise which Regus is willing ΓÇô and able ΓÇô to invest in pushing the concept of flexible working further.

Flexible workspace: bringing businesses more choice than ever

Regus might be a huge brand with a global reach, but theyΓÇÖre far from alone in the flexible workspace industry. Here in the UK, Regus runs in excess of 150 business centres out of the 2,500+ business centres nationwide. The vast majority are a mix of business centre groups and independent centres. In fact, for businesses in search of flexible office space, thereΓÇÖs more choice than ever before.

ThatΓÇÖs choice in location, choice in brand, choice in type of workspace, range of services and even the style of space available. As we revealed recently in our piece on the rise of the serviced office “blingteriors”, even those in search of Googlesque creative space or luxury offices are in luck.

Businesses are increasingly looking to flexible space as an alternative to longer-term options ΓÇô and business centres are stepping up to provide them with the range and quality of options they need. The future of workspace is looking very flexible indeed.

Is flexible workspace the future of the office? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

(Image: Inside Regus’s newest UK business centre, Sheffield)

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