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1.5m Businesses Stuck in World Wide Wilderness

1.5m Businesses Stuck in World Wide Wilderness

As an online business that helps thousands of other businesses to locate and secure office space each year, understands the importance of generating and maintaining a strong online presence. But according to Getting British Business Online(GBBO) ΓÇô a joint venture between Google, Enterprise UK, BT and e-skills UK – an estimated 1.5 million UK businesses have no online presence.

But as part of GBBOΓÇÖs on-going campaign to bring these ΓÇ£missingΓÇ¥ SMEΓÇÖs out of the world wide wilderness, they are offering them the chance to begin engaging customers online by offering a free website that could help them to open-up their products and services to potential customers and help to drive their business forward.

With no technical knowledge needed in order to get up and running, the website on offer is not only being made available for free, but can also be completed in 20 minutes according to the GBBO website.

Comprising of a free web address, customisable website template and the ability to edit the siteΓÇÖs content from any computer, the website on offer will remain free for 2 years with the business only having to renew the domain name for a small cost at the end of this initial period.

Taking your business online extends your businesses presence and your products reach beyond the walls of your office space, allowing new customers to find your business through a powerful marketing platform ΓÇô being absence from this market could of course leave the ever-growing number of customers choosing to purchase products and select services online in the hands of your competitors.

Getting online with a basic website does of course put your business ΓÇ£in the mixΓÇ¥, but for many businesses serious about expanding their online presence, or seeking to become an online authority within their industry sector, seeking additional advice or requesting the assistance of web-based experts such as Red Sauce would be the next logical step.

But if you have not yet begun bringing your business online, visit the GBBO website ( now and start expanding your business beyond your office space.

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