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Small Business Demand for Shared and Serviced Offices Set to Soar

Small Business Demand for Shared and Serviced Offices Set to Soar

Everyone’s talking about serviced offices, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s a market that has been maturing steadily over the past 30 years, and has nurtured some of the world’s biggest, best and most brilliant businesses along the way.

Today, business centres are recognised as entrepreneurial hubs with a vibrant blend of coworking spaces, on-demand meeting rooms, virtual offices, pay-as-you-go hot desks and mid-term managed offices. You’ll also find disaster recovery options and flexible corporate agreements.

The serviced office industry has become a one-stop-shop for all things workplace.

Interest set to soar

Now, more research has emerged that suggests demand for flexible workspace is set to continue its upward trajectory.

In a study* of 250 small business decision makers in the UK, 71% say a flexible workspace environment is a priority for them in the short and medium term. In addition, the study revealed:

  • 42% attach significant importance to a flexible and adaptable space in which they can grow;
  • Over half (54%) want flexible, short term rental agreements;
  • 18% want the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other businesses in their premises;
  • 39% are looking for a workspace with networking opportunities.

Serviced offices tick all of these boxes. But on the flip side, the research uncovered concerns that many SMEs are still struggling to identify the right workspace, which is putting up barriers to a successful office move.

SMEs put-off by office move “misconceptions”

Among them, 47% have put-off looking for a new workspace due to the amount of cost and time they believe it will involve.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Almost HALF of small businesses are reluctant to improve their business environment because they think it’s too costly or time-intensive.

Can you believe that, compared to the challenges of running and growing a company, some business owners believe finding a new office is too much of a challenge?

At officebroker, we find this both shocking and unnecessary.

Your choice of workplace has a monumental impact on your business. It influences your team’s productivity; it makes an instant impression on your clients; it can nurture or kill creativity; and it can limit growth opportunities. Not to mention the cost of running an office, which takes up the lion’s share of a company’s budget.

It pays to get it right. So if your current premises are unsuitable, why would you ‘make do’ based on the misconception that moving is too difficult?

Moving office is a short-term disruption that can trigger both immediate and long-term gains. Today’s business owners are fortunate to operate at a time when serviced workspace providers are falling over themselves to offer beautiful, design-led and flexible workplaces. They have been thoughtfully created to maximise your company’s potential whilst minimising expenditure.

Take a serviced office search online and see for yourself.

It takes mere minutes to pick up the phone and tell our consultants what you need – after that, they do the legwork for you (and it costs you nothing). If you spot something you like, we’ll arrange a free tour and handle all the follow-up arrangements too. We’ll even help you negotiate the cost. Take a closer look at how the process works here.

As demand continues to soar for serviced office space, one thing is clear: savvy small business owners aren’t content to make-do in unsuitable spaces. It pays to have the right office, so they’ve taken steps to find an office that matches their needs and aspirations.

And it’s paying off.

But thousands of SMEs are limiting their growth prospects by stagnating in the wrong workplaces. If that sounds like your business, take the initiative. Give us a call and give us the challenge – and let’s get to work!

*Research commissioned by QualitySolicitors

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