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Lunch that packs a punch: 7 in 10 Brits can’t stand the smell of their colleagues’ lunch

Lunch that packs a punch: 7 in 10 Brits can’t stand the smell of their colleagues’ lunch

New research conducted by us revealed nearly 80% of workers think eating smelly lunches at a desk is unprofessional and that 40% think a burger and fries is the worst offending smelly food.

The survey delved into the minds and lunchboxes of 1,250 UK office workers to discover what bothers them the most about smelly lunches – and which foods are causing the most discomfort in the workplace.

Nearly 80% of office-based workers said they strongly believed eating a smelly lunch at your desk is unprofessional, and 68% say it’s just downright annoying. When it comes to the crunch however, only just over half the people surveyed say they would back a stinky food ban.

CEO of, Chris Meredith said “the results clearly show that the majority of Brits don’t like people munching on stinky meals in the workplace – but won’t take a stand.”

“Perhaps it’s the fact the British are too polite? In places like Singapore, many hotels and even public transport systems ban smelly foods like Durian. With statistics showing that nearly 80% of Brits are bothered by smelly office lunches, it might be time for a change,” he said.

It seems burgers with fries cause the most bother, with 40% of people saying it’s not a happy meal when they get a whiff of fast food in their workspace. Curry comes in a close second and Soup spills into third place with 22 and 12 percent of votes respectively.

Fast food chicken and fries, Chinese food and strong smelling meat sandwiches are also among the top foods causing office angst.

While 42% of Brits say they are solely irritated by the smell of the food, almost a third admit it actually makes them feel hungry. 18% say they are put off their own lunch when they smell their co-workers lunches and a surprising 8% say a colleague’s lunch can make them feel sick.

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Author: | January 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

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