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Britain’s Road Rage revealed, Cyclists & lack of indication are biggest causes for road rage!

Britain’s Road Rage revealed, Cyclists & lack of indication are biggest causes for road rage!

A new study into road rage suffered by the UK’s motoring commuters reveals some 20% of drivers experience aggressive road rage daily and the single biggest cause is lack of proper indication followed by people driving too slowly. Cyclists & Buses are the most unliked road users.



  • 66% cite lack of indication as single biggest cause for road rage
  • 20% suffer severe road rage daily
  • 42% say Cyclists behavior causes them anxiety and rage


Lack of indication from fellow road-users and clyclists are the biggest contributors for getting us hot-headed during our daily commute to work, reveals a new study. Data released by (the UK’s number one office search service) as part of its continuing study into Britain’s workforce shows over two thirds of British drivers say that failure by other motorists to use their indicators is the biggest irritation during their daily drive to work.  The survey also reveals a shocking 20 per cent of UK commuters get so angry behind the wheel they swear or articulate their feelings in an aggressive way at least once every day. Cyclists and bus drivers top the poll of worst offending road users with 42% and 38% saying they cause the most frequent incidents of commuter road rage.

The survey asked over 1200 British workers that commute daily by car what infuriated them most about other people’s driving habits when commuting and who caused the most anger.

Slow-moving vehicles were the second most likely factor to cause rising tempers with 57 per cent of respondents agreeing, while 43 per cent of motorists also stated that blocked junctions and side roads increased anger levels during their journeys.

Cyclists swerving and people jumping traffic lights were identified as another annoyance for 33 per cent of respondents each respectively. However, just under five per cent of motorists said tailgating made them angry behind the wheel and an equal number percentage said being ‘beeped’ got tempers flaring.

However, the study also revealed that 55 per cent of respondents admit that they regularly undertake themselves the type of behaviour on the roads that angers them the most. A noteworthy addition is that of the 20 per cent of motorists who admit suffering severe road rage daily a massive 70 per cent of those say they regret their road rage and resent the feelings of stress it causes them.

“This survey highlights the trigger-points that we share as commuters that can easily cause our stress levels to peak during the drive to work, sometimes before we have even stepped through the office door,” says Chris Meredith, CEO at  “Aside from other people’s bad habits, there are often external factors that contribute to increased tempers on the road. Congestion, road works, weather conditions, the stress of the day ahead or from the day we have just left behind at work, all affect the way we behave while driving.”

Motorists located in urban areas such as the South East were more likely to attribute slow drivers, cyclists and bus drivers pulling out with no warning as a road rage trigger than those based in more rural areas.

“We would expect to see more factors contributing to road rage in built up areas because of the higher volumes of traffic on the roads around major cities such as London and the large number of commuters in the region. Although easier said than done, sometimes while driving we just have to take a deep breath and remember everyone else is probably feeling exactly the same way!” added Chris Meredith.


Road Rage Reasons:

On your daily commute driving, what things other road users do make you angry the most? (multiple choice)

No Indication 66.7%
Driving too slow 57.1%
Blocking Junctions & side roads 42.9%
Cyclists swerving or cutting too close 33.3%
Jumping traffic lights 33.3%
Brake tappers 19%
Leaving too much room passing parked cars 4.8%
Tailgating 4.8%
Using mobile phone 4.8%
Being bibbed 4.8%
Broken brake lights 3%
Speeding 2.5%


On your daily commute driving, what type of road user make you angry the most? (multiple choice)


Cyclists 42%
Buses 38%
Cars 33%
Vans 18%
Lorries 5%
Motorbikes 3%


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