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Blog Business Centre of the Month: June 2012 Business Centre of the Month: June 2012

The team at Anywhere Offices; Lauren, Sally, Alice (the dog), Rebecca and Ian.

Athelney House is a stunning Georgian business centre located on Greenwich High Road, just moments from major transport links and 10 minutes from Central London.

This uniquely run and beautifully fitted out centre promotes a relaxed and friendly working environment among tenants who rave about their offices, the dedicated team and the fact that nothing at all is too much trouble.

ΓÇÿAlways GreatΓÇÖ

Account Manager, Kaz Yaqub, has worked a great deal with Anywhere Offices over recent months place a number of happy businesses at Athelney House.

Kaz was a strong advocate behind the nomination for this month’s Business Centre of the Month winner, and has this to say on the team and the service at Anywhere Offices:

ΓÇ£They’re always great at what they do, always give good feedback in good time and they’re so proactive in doing business with us. And of course we always have a good laugh!

ΓÇ£They’re also great with their customers at Anywhere Offices – they’re so flexible in their service offering, never refusing or withholding anything.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇÿNothing Is Too Much TroubleΓÇÖ

The overall impression given by reviewing clients is that working at Athelney House makes every Monday morning a pleasure ΓÇô an impressive feat for any business centre.

From among the several 5* reviews attributed to Athelney House, you can find reference to the ΓÇÿpleasureΓÇÖ it is arriving at work for one tenant and the fact that working is ΓÇÿso much easierΓÇÖ for another.

A view of Athelney House from Greenwich High Road.

ΓÇ£We have been very happy with the staff, office and facilities since we moved into Anywhere Offices,ΓÇ¥ says current tenant, Shane Mann of FE Week. ΓÇ£Due to our company expanding, we needed more space and asked Sally if it was possible to move to a larger room.

ΓÇ£Sally showed us a magnificently grand room which easily accommodated our entire team. It was decorated to a very high standard and was ideally suited to our needs. We moved in the next day!

ΓÇ£We always find Sally and her team extremely helpful, friendly and efficient. Whatever we need, whether itΓÇÖs technical, or to do with our working environment, they all do their upmost to ensure our request is dealt with promptly.

ΓÇ£My boss often has ideas that he likes to act upon without warning and SallyΓÇÖs response is always, ‘Yes ΓÇô we can do that.’ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£Prior to moving in, the office was freshly painted and the carpets cleaned: new office furniture was delivered here and stored for us,ΓÇ¥ remembers fellow tenant, Angel Everson of Si Design Technologies Ltd. ΓÇ£On moving in day we were up and running with all IT and phone connections by 10.30am.

ΓÇ£Nothing is too much trouble for Sally and her team of Ian, Lauren and Rebecca and they are very welcoming to our visitors. When an overseas colleague visited recently an extra internet connection was made available to him within minutes.ΓÇ¥


ΓÇ£I am delighted to receive this award on behalf of everyone at Athelney House,ΓÇ¥ says Sally Smith, Managing Director.

The interior of Athelney House.

ΓÇ£For the past few months, I have been working hard with my new dynamic admin team, Lauren, Rebecca and Ian to transform Anywhere Offices from regular serviced offices into a vibrant and welcoming business centre in which our tenants can quickly settle in and concentrate on building their businesses while we take care of the infrastructure.

ΓÇ£My team each have areas of expertise which enables us to keep our business running smoothly but the priority for all of us is the service we provide to our tenants, from technical help with computers and phones, to simply making them feel welcome.

ΓÇ£We are all aware that without our tenants, we wouldnΓÇÖt have a business and if our tenants feel valued, they will continue to stay, as many of them have.ΓÇ¥

A Workplace to Enjoy

ΓÇ£We also want our tenants to enjoy the other benefits of sharing a building,ΓÇ¥ continues Sally. ΓÇ£We arrange events so our tenants can get to know one another and be aware of the wealth of talents and skills available to them within the same business centre and we are always delighted to see our companies working together, providing services to each other or simply getting on socially.

ΓÇ£We know that lots of our entrepreneurial tenants need to put in the hours to achieve their business goals so, with 24 hour access and an understanding that they may have pets, children or other family members who would like to see them occasionally, we are more than happy for our tenants to bring their well-behaved dogs into work with them, family members are also always welcome to visit.

ΓÇ£This is, first and foremost, a place of work but thereΓÇÖs no rule that says your place of work canΓÇÖt be somewhere you actually enjoy going, is there?ΓÇ¥

Find out more about Athelney House in Greenwich online at, or contact 0800 111 6 444.

Further details about officebroker.comΓÇÖs Business Centre of the Month award are available here.

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