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Located close to Oxford City Centre, Prama House provides a range of quality serviced offices suitable for both large and small businesses and is led by Area Manager Natasha Turner and her team.

Prama House is situated close to Oxford City Centre.

Multi-Award Winning Business Centre

This latest award comes off the back of a successful period for the team at Prama House, having been named Business Centre of the Year by the Business Centre Association (BCA) in November 2012 and having already scooped officebroker.comΓÇÖs Business Centre of the Month award back in September 2011 ΓÇô making it 3 awards in 3 years for Natasha and her team. But what is it that makes Prama House such a great place to do business? Well thanks to the reviews of happy customers we can find out.

The onsite team are credited with creating a great working environment.

Nothing is ever too much trouble

Mirrored across nearly all of Prama HouseΓÇÖs reviews is the pivotal role the onsite team plays in creating happy clients and an award winning place to do business. From the friendly greeting they provide on arrival, to the efficient and reliable support clients feel they can depend upon each day ΓÇô this business centre appears to have the blend just right, as client Charlie Hall explains:

ΓÇ£I think the reception staff have a unique blend of being business like efficient whilst being informal and charming. They are very friendly, relaxed and confident in all of their dealings with me and make my clients feel valued and welcome when they register at reception. I also very much like the fact that they listen to what I have to say about my business.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£Not only do they take genuine interest in it but they have noted that my work is highly confidential and are very discreet with handling of client documents etc.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£Lastly, I like the professional appearance of Prama House. It is modern, well designed and pleasant. I like too the way that the reception staff strive to maintain that professional appearance and donΓÇÖt shrink from handling difficult issues with tenants such as smoking policies, parking and considerate use of communal areas and equipment.ΓÇ¥

Modern workspace and great facilities compliment the exceptional service and support provided by the staff at Prama House.

Long-Term Happy Clients

Perhaps one of the greatest compliments to the team at Prama House is that clients are content and happy in the working environment on offer, as long-term client Simon Fisher of Simon Fisher Residential Letting & Property Management explained:

ΓÇ£I can’t believe it, but come December I will have been in Prama House for 5 years. The setup is still as impressive as the day that I walked in, and I am permanently reminded of this by the comments of the vast majority of visitors who come to my office. Candy and her team continue to excel and over deliver on my expectations!ΓÇ¥

Not Just Happy Clients

In addition to creating happy clients, the team a Prama House also generate great feedback from the team here at, with their dedication and assistance when introducing prospective clients praised by our independent consultants.

According to officebroker.comΓÇÖs Dan Mcleod, the team at Prama House have got it just right:

ΓÇ£The support and assistance provided by the team at Clarendon make them a pleasure to work alongside, allowing me to be 100% confident in the way they will engage with my clients.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£The professionalism they display always makes a positive impression on clients, often resulting in many of them choosing Prama House as the location for their new office space.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£IΓÇÖve worked with the team at Clarendon for several years and I was lucky enough to be there to see them collect their BCA Award. Without doubt they deserve this latest recognition ΓÇô so congratulation to a worthy winner!ΓÇ¥

Absolutely Thrilled

Commenting on picking up their latest award, Natasha Turner said:

ΓÇ£When I told the team at Prama House that Clarendon had, for the second time, won Business Centre of the Month, they were absolutely thrilled that their hard work and dedication to Customer Service was being recognised, not only by our clients but also byΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£We have been on a high since scooping the Business Centre of the Year, BCA award, in 2012 and our clients have joined us in celebrating and congratulating the recent successes.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£Working with is an absolute pleasure. They understand how Clarendon works and are confident in selling our product to their clients. Thank you, we are truly honoured.ΓÇ¥

– – –

So from everyone here at – congratulations to the team at Prama House! To explore the office space and services available at Prama House, visit their Profile Page or call a member of our team on 0800 111 6 444 to learn about the office space currently available at this award winning business centre.

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