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Blog Business Centre of the Month: August 2010 Business Centre of the Month: August 2010

Touch Business Centre, Stirling.

Located in 3750 acres of parkland, forestry and farmland, Touch Business Centre offers a unique business centre setting on the outskirts of Stirling.

In 2000, an 18th century former stable block on the Touch Estate was converted into serviced office space, which was overseen by Historic Scotland to ensure that the result was in keeping with the listed buildings. Ten years on, one of their original tenants is still occupying space, and the centre now has a double reason to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

In August, Touch Business Centre was awarded the Business Centre of the Month award. The centre’s impressive setting was just one of several factors that caught the attention of Jim Venables, founder and Managing Director, when considering the winner of this month’s award.

All-round offering

“Touch Business Centre became our latest Business Centre of the Month winner for many reasons,” commented Jim. “One particular highlight is their excellent all-round offering to clients and high level of customer service. They are personable, attentive to their clients’ needs, and they do whatever they can to help their clients progress their businesses.

“At we work hard to raise the standard on service for our clients, and we value working with business centres that do the same. Touch is a classic example. They have built up an excellent relationship with their clients and are clearly flexible and forward-thinking in their approach.”

Office Manager Margaret Plews and Harold, the owner’s dog.

One example is an issue that affected one of their clients during the economic downturn. Unable to continue renting their existing office but reluctant to leave the centre, Touch responded by reducing their space and splitting the office which allowed the client to stay under more affordable terms. The extra space was then rented out to make up for any lost revenue.

Further testament comes direct from the centre’s clients – a number of whom have taken the time to provide written endorsements of their tenancy at Touch Business Centre.

“We have no hesitation in recommending Touch as a business location of choice,” commented Mark Richardson, Director of architect firm Studio Ristol.

Heather Docherty of Biwater Treatment Ltd added to this by referring to the “100% service commitment” they receive, while Property Manager Ian Clark comments that it is a “special place” to work.

“Nothing stands still here”

While maintaining the high standard of their existing offering, which is clearly popular with clients, the centre is also constantly moving forward.

In 2007, Touch converted another part of the Estate – known as the ‘Old Laundry’ – to create an additional 1,400 sq ft of space, and this was snapped up before the conversion was complete. Now, two further sites have been identified for future development.

The interior of Touch Business Centre.

In 2008, the centre replaced their old heating system with a new and more efficient environmentally-friendly Biofuel boiler, which uses local woodfuel supplies to provide heat and hot water. This has reduced their heating rates and also benefits both the environment and the local economy.

As commented by Margaret Plews, Office Manager at Touch Business Centre: “Nothing stands still here!”

She said: “Our dedicated team work extremely hard to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy our unique setting as well as to create a business environment conducive to productivity and creativity.”

Commenting on becoming’s Business Centre of the Month, Margaret added:

“To be selected as’s Business Centre of the month is the “icing on the cake” for Touch Business Centre as we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.

“We hope our high levels of occupancy and low turnover over the last 10 years indicate that we are getting this right for our clients but it is hugely rewarding for everyone to see it recognised elsewhere as well.”

Strong relationship

Other key highlights for Jim include a strong online profile with quality professional photographs, and the knowledge that Touch has built a strong relationship with the team.

The historic buildings at Touch Business Centre date back to the 1750s.

“It’s essential that our teams can work well with business centres, as quickly and with as minimal fuss as possible. We have always found that Touch are efficient and quick to respond to our leads, and I am always confident that our clients will be well looked after.

“Touch Business Centre is a very unique and worthy winner, and I look forward to continue working with them well into the future.”

As winners of August’s Business Centre of the Month, Touch Business Centre will now receive a free video, certificate, award logo, homepage promotion and additional PR from the team.

Visit the online profile page for further details about Touch Business Centre, or contact Nick Griffiths at on 0800 111 6 444, who handles enquiries for this award-winning centre.

Find out more about’s Business Centre of the Month award here.

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