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Qatar Office Locations for Rent – Qatar Flexible Office Space:

General Information:

The Middle Eastern Emirate of the State of Qatar is located on the north eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula on an area known as the Qatar Peninsula. The state is known locally as Dawlat Qatar and it shares its southern borders with Saudi Arabia whilst the rest of Qatar has coastal borders with the Persian Gulf. Qatar is divided into seven municipalities which frequently appear in online searches for Qatar office space.


Commercial property in Qatar is benefiting from an ever increasing transport network which will greatly help commerce and business in the State. The government of Qatar has contracted a German company to construct a railroad system between 2010 and 2030 which will provide links to domestic locations throughout Qatar as well as links to locations in the neighbouring countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council and will also feature a link to Bahrain via the Qatar Bahrain Causeway. Currently the road network provides the primary transport routes throughout Qatar as the cost of petrol is so low, and as a response to the country’s growing population the network is going through an extensive program of upgrading. One of the major upgrades to the road transport network is the construction of several new expressways in Doha, the state capital of Qatar. Many directors and their executives prefer Qatar commercial real estate near the Salwa International Highway, Qatar’s main connecting route to the Saudi Arabian border. Bus transport within Doha is the primary transport facility in the city and also offers companies renting office spaces in Qatar with connections to and from Doha.

Offices to rent near Doha International Airport are amongst the most popular Qatar office locations as the airport provides international connections and a convenient place at which to land and depart. Office space near New Doha International Airport, which is currently under construction, is also popular with many companies trying to get the first pick of the new Qatar commercial realty. Offices in the State of Qatar are available of various leasing and rental terms and range from open-plan, corporate offices that can be leased for many years to flexible serviced or managed offices that offer suites that can be rented on rolling monthly rental terms. A commercial office location in Qatar offering a long term lease with often just be an open-plan office space with no additional benefits inc. broadband or reception / receptionist services and fit-out requirements such as partitions for cubicles, workstation spaces and a director / management suite will need sorting by the tenant. Often, these kinds of Qatar office leases will be utilised as a corporate headquarters although many companies use for help renting serviced office spaces in Qatar to be used as an HQ.

Searching for Qatar Office Space Locations:

Many companies search for short term office space in Doha as project offices or as a first Qatar office space for a new business. Many short term offices are either managed or serviced offices although many people search for “furnished offices to let in Qatar” as most serviced and managed offices are supplied with furniture inc. chairs and desks. Most offer onsite property management as well as ad hoc meeting rooms and cctv security services. Locations can be found using search terms which incorporate the preferred municipality such as Qatar offices to rent in Ad Dawhah which homes the capital city, Doha, office leases in Ash Shamal which is the location of Ras Rakan, the northernmost point of the Qatari peninsula and short term offices in Ar Rayyan, the only landlocked municipality of Qatar. Office costs in Qatar are regularly enquired about and commercial office rental prices in Al Wakrah, Qatar are also frequently requested. Office space with broadband in Umm Salal, Qatar office rental in Al Daayen and Mesaieed offices to let in Qatar are also popular search phrases. Flexible offices are amongst the most popular as they offer a directory of additional service options such as workstations and cubicle space that can be laid out to suit your corporate needs and executive secretary support which can be utilised on an ad hoc basis. These additional benefits are not available with the majority of sublet and sublease / sub-lease office spaces and aren’t available with any outright commercial property sale in Qatar. Another highly popular location of offices for renting in Qatar is the Qatar Financial Centre. Office spaces in or near the QFC are highly popular with many companies inc. investment services and financial support.

Attractions in Qatar:

Palm Tree Island is a popular tourist location as it offers some fantastic beaches and restaurants / stores with the Qatar Inland Sea or Khor Al Udaid also attracting many visitors. Dukhan is a town that lots of people visit as it was developed as a result of major oil discoveries in the area and numerous tourists also visit the historic Barzan Tower, Al Ghuwair Castle and Marroub Fort. Al Rakiyat Fort is another great example of historic Qatari architecture as is Umm Salal Mohammed Fort which is just 1.5 mls from Umm Salal Mohammed town and Al Wajbah Fort in Doha which is considered to be the oldest fort in the country. As well as Palm Tree Island, Qatar has several other popular islands that have been developed for the tourist industry inc. Ishat Island, Shrao Island to the north-east of Ishat Island and Al Saflia Island which is just a 15 minute boat ride from Doha. The final two tourist islands are Haloul Island which offers excellent fishing with its coral reefs and Alia Island which is approximately just 2 square km. Other popular destinations in Qatar include Al Ruwais which is the traditional home of the Arabic Bedouin tribes, Al Jassasiya with its historic rock engravings and stone carvings known as petroglyphs and Al Zubarah which homes Al Zubara Fort.

For help securing office space and commercial property in Qatar, contact the Qatar office space and commercial property specialists.