What Do You Do? Weird and Wonderful Job Titles

With a creative and innovative approach to working practices taking off around the world, and political correctness still enjoying its heyday in 21st century society, some very strange job titles have begun to spring up.

We bring you five of our favourite new position titles currently in use around the working world…

1. Chief Inspiration Officer

Ah, yes. When I was young I always hoped someone would approach me with a job offer with the headline, ‘To make a difference’. This vague job description is attributed to the Chief Inspiration Officer.

A ‘CIO’ is a company representative whose role is essentially to encourage ‘belief in the company’ and ‘internal evangelism of its values’. Which brings us nicely on to…

2. Brand Evangelist

Brand evangelists are essentially corporate preachers, whose job it is to infiltrate the hearts and minds of the audience and convince them to buy a particular product or sign up for a certain service.

Evangelism isn’t just limited to brands, however. Recently, job titles such as ‘Digital Evangelist’, ‘Social Evangelist’ and the likes of the product-specific ‘Senior Kindle Evangelist’ (Amazon) have also been enjoying CV fame.

3. Conversation Architect

The role of ‘Conversation Architect’ is something of a by-product of the social media revolution and today’s chatty consumerist society. Instead of being told, it is commonly held that people want to ‘find out’ information, or just hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

As such, the term ‘marketing’ is now considered by many new techno workers as old-hat and outdated. You are no longer marketing an idea… you are building a conversation with your audience.

4. Beverage Dissemination Officer

Ever had a really long day at the office and decided to go cry on the shoulder of your local… Beverage Dissemination Officer? You might be surprised to learn that this person is just your friendly old Bartender, disguised under a new name!

We’re not sure when ‘Bartender’ became a politically incorrect term or indeed why, but there you have it. Somehow a ‘BDO’ seems less willing to listen to your troubles…

5. Genius

If you’ve encountered the queues at an Apple store in the past few years, you may have found a Genius waiting for you at the end of it. No, you are not meeting with a new generation of Albert Einsteins.

Part of Apple’s unusual approach to recruitment and company culture is to refer to support staff in retail outlets as geniuses… just so you know your iPhone troubles are in safe hands.

Have you heard of any weird and wonderful job titles? Tell us your favourites in the comments below.

Posted by Julia Fox on: Thursday, 17 May 2012 at 8:16 AM


  • James

    Friends title is ‘Head of Ideas’ working in a large London based company.

  • Jon

    I once heard of an ‘optical illumination enhancement officer’ – who was essentially a window cleaner.

  • John Holian

    Change Management Consultant and anything with “Thought Leaderdhip” in the title. What were these in old money?

  • Sarah Blogg

    We had a ‘Director of Innovation & Enterprise’ for a while. Yes, he had a marketing background.