Greater London Library Brought Back to Life?

Charities and voluntary organisations based in Chingford, Greater London look set to work from a disused library that could see a new lease of life as a non-profit office space.

Four interested companies await Waltham Forest Council’s decision, due this evening (March 20th), to reuse the South Chingford Library that was closed down in 2011 in an effort to reduce Council spend.

The library is located on Hall Lane and has been hailed as an ideal potential ‘resource hub’ for much-needed workspace among the voluntary sector who are struggling to meet demand for help due to an overrepresentation of vulnerable and elderly citizens in the local area.

Another potential building has also been allocated as part of the same proposal, to provide office space in nearby Leyton as of April 2012.

If approved, the scheme at Chingford South Library would be run in a joint effort to maintain costs among all inhabitant companies, although the building itself would be managed by one as yet undisclosed charity.

Fellow Chingford volunteers have brought the functions of the old library back to life from a shop front on Chingford Mount Road, where books and computers donated by Waltham Forest Council and disused offices are being loaned out for public consumption.

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Posted by Julia Fox on: Tuesday, 20 March 2012 at 4:53 PM