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Make Most Of Office Tenancy

Make Most Of Office Tenancy is the UKs largest online provider of commercial office space – bringing serviced office space providers and commercial property landlords together with businesses looking for serviced or flexi office space anywhere in the world.

The firm which was founded by entrepreneurs Jim Venables and Andy Haywood five years ago has grown into a multi-million pound enterprise with offices in the UK and US.

According to Mr Venables, businesses looking to take on an office tenancy should apply a highly strategic and considered approach in both searching for the right premises and then managing the resulting space.

“Instead of jumping in feet first and taking the first available office space, we advise businesses to take their time as the right location can make or break a business,” says Mr Venables.

“Once you move into your new office that strategic approach should continue to be applied to developing and maintaining a good relationship with the landlord or office management firm.

“This relationship can be as important as the relationship you develop with customers and suppliers or indeed other stakeholders in your business.

“Being a good tenant is like being a good neighbour – not only will it bring social benefits to the company and its employees, but it can also reap considerable business benefits such as being the first to hear about new business leads or great deals with local suppliers.” offers the following advice to office tenants looking to find the right office space and make the most of their tenancy.

Consider a short-term and flexible notice-period which allows you to take the space you need right now but with the option to expand as your business grows.

Think of your employees’ needs as well as those of your business. Is the office close to public transport? Are their shops and leisure facilities in the local area?

Ensure there are ample parking facilities for your employees and clients.

See what extras are included in your tenancy such as access to meeting rooms, admin support or video conferencing.

Are these included in the rental price or would you be better off opting for an office space where you can buy in these additional services on an ad hoc basis.

Will you be looking for offices in multiple locations – or perhaps access to meeting rooms in other parts of the country of the world?

If so choose an office provider which has multiple sites and negotiate access to other meeting facilities or a discount for additional office space.

The added benefit of this is that it allows you to punch above your weight, giving your company a national or international image without the additional investment.

Don’t just choose the first office you come across. Look around and consider different areas and styles of building to work which will suit your need best and give the right impression to customers. recommends viewing at least three different offices before making a final decision.

Remember to cover your office contents with an insurance policy – your business centre will only provide insurance cover for the actual building.

Get advice – before taking the plunge speak to an independent body, like

It offers simple, impartial advice and all of our staff are fully trained and specialise in certain geographical areas, so they know the offices like no one else.

So you’ve found your dream office. What next? Meet the people who really count – developing a good relationship with the facilities or services manager for example, can mean you are given priority over other tenants.

Never underestimate the importance of a good relationship with reception staff – in a serviced office they are the first point of contact customers have.

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