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300,000+ businesses helped in their office search


The first thing we ask our clients is what does your business need? Because when it comes to finding the ideal office for you and your business it is rarely the square footage that counts – but instead the product, facilities, connections and culture in which you choose to locate your business.

It is the skill of our consultants in matching the needs of a business with the correct office space, not just any space, which has helped to establish as the Nº 1 office search service to UK businesses.

In addition, is Independent and does not own or operate its own office space, unlike many other firms offering an office search facility. Because of this status, you can be reassured that the advice and help received during your office search remains focused on you and your business needs.

  • Nº 1 Office Search Service to UK Businesses
  • Focused on the Needs of our Clients
  • Independent Help & Advice

Our History

Founded in 2001 by Jim Venables & Andy Haywood, the story began after the one time recruitment specialists switched from filling job vacancies to empty offices. Drawing upon their experience of working closely with clients and satisfying requirements, soon began to offer a unique service to businesses seeking office space.

By speaking to businesses about their needs in plain English, rather than in the jargon-filled terminology of the commercial property world, Jim & Andy’s fledgling service quickly grew, identified by decision makers as an efficient and effective way of locating the right office space for their business.

A decade later and the sales-led, result driven culture on which was founded has transformed into a global operation. Now operating from offices in the UK, USA and Australia, has become the leading independent office search service worldwide and has a team of over 100 experts dedicated to connecting businesses with the right office space - no matter where in the world they need it.

Easteuro Link Ltd

Many thanks for helping us to find the right premises.

- Biba Jovanovic, Managing Director, Easteuro Link Ltd

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